Sunday, May 5, 2013

Currently, vol. 12

It's been a lazy weekend, and I am loving it. I woke up early without an alarm, and it didn't bother me one bit. I am very excited to be entering the last week of class, and I am getting antsy. Plus the weather is just gorgeous! It's in the low seventies this week, and I can't be happier. 
I even got to hang with these 2 kiddos. 

reading notes and finishing homework.
writing my first May blogpost!
listening to the movie Twister. It was on ABC family last night, and I just happened to record it. It is a classic that I love since I wanted to be a meteorologist when I was little.
thinking about beginning the studying/ prep for finals week. I am looking forward to a break from classes. I need to work, and not do anything else.
smelling freshly mowed lawn on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
wishing for great grades on my finals.
hoping for a good week leading up to Mother's Day. I should go shopping for my mom's gift. I don't know what she wants.
wearing yoga pants and my shamrock shuffle volunteer t-shirt. I promise I do dress nicely.
loving the fact that I survived my week. I had three presentations and an exam in anatomy. I got a 92 on it! I am also loving my mood. I am so happy!
wanting to buy sunglasses. I never look good in them.
needing to go sit outside for a while to do my homework and soak up some vitamin D.
feeling great about this week.
clicking on my micro homework due tomorrow. It is definitely going to take me a while.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the weather!

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