Sunday, April 28, 2013

Currently, vol. 11

Wow, where'd the weekend go? This weekend has gone crazy fast, and I have only done half of the things on my to do list. Friday, Lori and I went shopping and got froyo. It was so fun, and then we spend a good two hours watching YouTube videos! Saturday, Lori invited some friends to have a cookout with her and her family. Her dad made us chicken fajitas on a dutch oven/cast iron thingy. They were fantastic along with all the other food too and an amazing cheesecake! After that, Rachel, Kaity, and I went to try on our future scrubs for clinicals next semester! We were so excited, and we all looked so cute! Today, I am being productive with homework/studying, and then I have a meeting with a group for our sex trafficking presentation. So here is what's going on currently.
Chocolate Cheesecake.
We may or may not have two slices each?

Bringing back the 90s!

Pig pile!

We found a little deer!
This is Senica ( I might have spelled it wrong). She is
Lori's 2nd cousin.

Me and Kaity

Rachel and me

reading over my anatomy notes for our exam tomorrow!
writing information for my sex trafficking in Cambodia meeting today.
listening to the annoying fan in my laptop.
thinking about the fact that next year's tuition, fees, and clinical fees are posted, and how I am going to pay for it.
smelling nothing right now, but the house smelled like bacon this morning!
wishing there were more hours in the day. why not 25?
hoping this week goes fast and furious. I have three presentations and one exam on top of normal homework.
wearing my new t-shirt from Opus last week and running shorts. (not that I have time to run today)
loving the weather! It is supposed to be 80 in Chicago on Tuesday, and that is my short day!
wanting get a pedicure. My feet just look so sad in sandals and flipper floppers due to calluses.
needing summer to get here quicker! I think we're down to 19 days until the semester is finished.
feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of time consuming events, meetings, and school I have this week. I have nothing next week which bothers me.
clicking on nothing. After I finish this post, my laptop is going to sleep for a while so I can study. Well, maybe I will hope over to fb for 5 minutes.

Have a good week!

I have tears in my eyes while adding this note to my post, but a close church friend lost her battle to cancer today. Jenny was such a beautiful person and a fantastic mother. She will be forever in our church's memories and we will miss her dearly. Here is a video of her. I just hope you will pray for her family and friends especially her little girl who is so precious.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend - much love to you and all who knew her.

  2. praying for you & your church community after the loss of your friend.