Sunday, April 21, 2013

Currently, vol 10.

Well it's already Sunday, and I have not gotten any homework done. Why, you ask? Because my home flooded Wednesday when everyone got rain. There wasn't as much as there could have been, but there was enough that my mom asked me to come home from school to help bleach everything, move everything, and make sure there was no mold growing. We got rid of so much stuff, and we donated even more than we threw out. I am so thankful it is over because my body is so sore and tired. I can finally have three meals again. I think I had one meal Friday and one Saturday.

This is the town next to mine, and none of this should be underwater.
It is a known to be a flood area though. A big stretch of a major road is closed  too.
reading over nine different books to I can write my research paper and powerpoint on Abraham Maslow for my Lifespan Development class. I am so dreading the ten page paper.
writing lots of homework assignments today, papers this week, and notes for exams.
listening to a clock tick. Too bad that that's one of my biggest pet peeves are clocks ticking.
thinking about all that I need to get accomplished before a group meeting for a presentation on sex trafficking in my philosophy course.
smelling nothing due to the random cold I have had for a while.
wishing I had a hot tub. That just sounds fantastic for my sore back; especially since I have back problems to begin with.
hoping to get a lot accomplished today and maybe get Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee with a friend (hint hint if you see this)
wearing (do you even have to ask?) a crew neck sweatshirt that's two sizes too big, and comfy sweats.
loving the sunshine coming in the window! After two weeks of on and off rain, I am glad to see the sun, and I realized how much I take it for granted.
wanting to eat a Denver omelet minus the onions. Too bad I don't know how to make an omelet.
needing a hug. I never get enough.
feeling content, but I am also nervous for my busy week.
clicking on my email account to see if anyone cares about me. JK.

Well that's all for what's going on in my life currently.
Have a great week!

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  1. DUNKIN' DONUTS! (i love your hint :))

  2. Oh no flooded homes are never fun! So glad you have everything taken care of though! Yes it definitely sounds like you could use a hot tub to relax those sore muscles! Good luck with all of your school projects I hope that they all go well!

  3. Lol listening to a clock tick really IS annoying. Nothing an iced coffee can`t distract you from though! :-)

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