Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ah Wednesdays...

We are halfway through the week people, and I am dreading the weekend. Huh? Did I state that correctly? Yes ma'am. I want to hang out with friends and family, but after the weekend is over is what I have problems with. My schedule next week is going to kill me. Literally kill me. I have so many projects and presentations to be working on. I have a microbiology exam that I need to do very well on. I have to complete more service hours for a presentation. Also, on top of all those things, I need to go to a doctors appointment at home on Wednesday. I will probably just spend the night at mom's, and then make my morning commute which is six times the normal 12-minute drive. I definitely foresee a DD run before that drive.

Speaking of DD, my friend Lori and I went to Dunkin' Donuts Monday and Tuesday. I should probably just get a job there. My oh my. We both tried their new coffee drinks: butter pecan and mint chocolate chip. They are not too shabby. I definitely like getting their coffee rolls (aka sticky, cinnamony donut) because it is ginormous and delicious!

I have been spoiled so far this week with seeing my family. Saturday everyone was at the bday party for TJ. Sunday almost everyone helped my cousin and her husband move into their first home. Man was I sore (in a good way). Monday, my school had the brilliant idea of testing the fire alarms in the buildings on campus, and so of course the fire department is there and yet another cousin. My cousin Brian just got a full-time job at the fire department in the town where my school is located. So, he was on campus when my old dorm's alarm went off, and I got to say hi to him as my friend and I walked to class. Yesterday, I went over to help Sarah pack some of their final things left in the condo. Finally, today everyone met up at Tim and Melissa's house (more cousins) for Melissa's 30th Birthday dinner. We had pizza and pie. It was just fun to sit and chit-chat. I love my family. Good times.

I think I will call it quits for now on this blogpost. I have a class prep writing due, and I just feel like watching a movie. What will it be?

Miss congeniality or...
The Lucky One

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