Saturday, December 10, 2011


Here are three posts all wrapped into one.
I am really sorry for not updating my blog daily for those of you that read it or check it regularly.

To be honest, at this point in the night and how I have written in a while I kinda forgot the moment of my days that made me smile. So here is a brief overview of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Thursday (my favorite day of the week)
-One class (last English class of the semester)
-My awesome cousin Sarah came to visit me in my dorm (this is what made my day)
-Thursdays are starkenburg floor dinner. So we go to the BBC for dinner, and just talk. (Sometimes we even     end up on the floor because they are crowded.)

-Woke up to snow!!! (well saw it the night before)
-Last day of classes for the semester!!!
-We watched the Help (which is a really inspiring movie)

And... Saturday
-My RA is hosting the 12 days of Christmas, and today we went to an outdoor ice skating rink. It was so much fun and cold(20 degrees Farenheit)!
-Shma (Sara) locked me out of Facebook in order for my to study :(
-Studying for finals (3 papers and 4 exams), but what is so fun is setting time limits on how long to study and take random breaks and a Target break.
-And my random happy thing of my day was my hug from Lori!

So instead of writing this blog, I am going to post this and get back to my Sociology paper.

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  1. Brittany! I LOVE your hugs and am so glad you are a Starkie! Praying for you as you study for and take your exams. Love you girl!