Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Freshman Finals.

The past few days have been one giant blur.

Sunday I decided to skip church because of finals.
I woke up and wrote 2 papers in a matter of 6 hours, and it went down hill from there. Some girls from Stark floor took a study break, and baked home-made cookies!
The perfect study break.

And, while we were waiting for them to bake we played Bananagrams.

So much fun!

This is our suite window full of exam balloons  waiting to be popped. 

This is my row. There are already two popped. 
Monday, 15 minutes ago, was a super stressful but fun day. I had two finals for sociology and theology. My favorite part is returning to my room from the exam to stab my balloon...(see pictures above). 

I attempted studying for my other 3 balloons, but as always I took a nap. You know that time where you lay down, set an alarm, and it goes off but you turn it off instead of snooze? Yeah, that's what happened. I took an hour and a half nap. 

Then about 6 of us went to a very tired but funny dinner. It was the fact that we were all stressed or extremely tired. 

There is more stuff to tell you all blog readers, but I'm headed to bed to wake up and finish my research paper on Columbine.

12 days until Christmas!

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