Thursday, December 1, 2011


We have officaly made it through one holiday: Thanksgiving!
Also, today is December 1st.

Where has the time gone? So much has happened this year from graduation, to college, to becoming an adult, and many more.It feels like it should still be June when I graduated with my amazing friends, but its December! It's that time of year where there is no parking at the mall, lines are beyond long, and we eat too much! What's more exciting of seeing your bank account dewindle from buying gifts, and the waist of your pants getting tight from too many cookies(tehe)? The birth of Jesus! It is 24 fast, cold days till he comes into the world.

I hope/plan on putting up a post everyday for the remainder of the holiday season. (maybe) On what? I'm not sure. Maybe a what I am thankful for, or best part of my day? I can't decide. Oh well.

Ciao for now!

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