Sunday, December 18, 2011

Living from a suitcase.

Well I have survived finals, and I have survived the drive home even if it's just an hours. I don't know what is in store for my break. At short break at that.

The weirdest thing about living at college and coming home is living out of my suitcase while I am actually home. So instead of living out of my suitcase, I put all of my clothes in a laundry basket. Yeah, that sounds strange too.

I miss South Hall, and that is sounds crazy, but I do. I miss my amazing friends that live in my room or right next door. Even though they are only a text or Facebook chat away; it's just weird not being able to see them in person. The biggest thing I miss from South is the heat! That makes me sounds spoiled, and it's true. I am very spoiled from the heat in that building. We sit in there with the windows open a little because it is so warm! I come home, and immediately put on sweats and a hoodie which is a whole lot cheaper for my madre than an expensive heating bill.

My goal for break is very geeky. I want to read over 10 books. So far, I have read 1 and a half books. I hope to post my accomplishments at the end of break, but I would rather not accomplish that and go out with my friends or pick up some work hours.

I hope all of my friends and family will have a great break or lack of break, and enjoy the company and season to celebrate Christ's birth.

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