Monday, February 27, 2012

Exciting stuff.

It has been a long time since I have just wrote a blog post, and not just a daily blog challenge. There is so much going on in my life right now. I will tell you seven things about the last few weeks.

1) I applied for a RA (resident assistant) position in one of the dorms for next fall. It has been a great experience so far of turning in the app, waiting for a letter, going to the group interview (which was a blast), waiting for a letter in response, getting an individual interview, and finally I am waiting for the last letter to come in my tiny mailbox. It will either say "Congratulations!" or it will say "Sorry to inform you..." or something to that extent. I am nervous, apprehensive, excited, happy, and did I mention nervous? This can/ will change my life. I want to be a RA so bad! I will find out by the 9th!

2) The season for Lent started last Wednesday. I have decided to do many things in this Lenten season. I am giving up three things: soda, ice cream, and.....Facebook. It has been 5 days since the Lenten season began, and it's been easier than I thought. Ice cream has been tempting. Soda has been a challenge, and I took a sip of soda yesterday at the movies. Oops! Facebook has been kind of easy. My friend changed my password; so my account is still there and there is still the temptation to say let me log in. I have gotten so much homework done since I haven't been on. I have never been more productive in my life! My only problem with being locked out is that I am also locked out of Spotify!!!

3) Since I have had so much "free time" since giving up Facebook; I studied for 3 days for my ridiculous Chemistry test.  3 days! I got my grade back; which was a 78. You all would say. Wow that's horrible if you studied for 3 days. Compared to my last chemistry test this is a miracle.  Take that organic and bio chem!

4) Friday night was interesting which leads to points 5 and 6 also. South Hall held the Roommate Rumble; which is a competition for roommates and how well they know each other. So, my suite mates, Rachel and Abby, were nominated to participate. We all quizzed each other for probably like 2 hours Thursday. They won in a sudden death match against the two roommates Caleb and Kaleb. It knew that they would win, and they had nothing to be nervous about.

5) So, I have this really great friend. Her name is Sara, but we all call her Shma. She transferred to a different college because our school didn't have the major she was looking for. Anyway, She came to visit for the first time since she transferred! I missed her so much, and it was awesome to just hang out with her instead of texting her. Which leads to #6.

6) Abby, Cassandra, Kaity, Sarah, Sara, and I went to Ihop for a late night meal (10pm). Ihop seems to be the place to go when we are in college. I think I have been there like 5 times since starting college. Without fail, every time we go to Ihop I have to get the Cinnastack pancakes. I think I almost died the first time I had them! You have to have them at least once before you die because they are that good!

7) This is probably my favorite point to right about. I haven't been home in probably a month; which is a really long time.  My mom and I were texting Saturday night, and I told her we were planning on going to a church around campus Sunday morning (we didn't). My mom asked what I was doing after church, and I replied homework and probably goofing around.  She said okay, but in the back of my mind I was thinking she is probably going to come down to see me.  And low and behold she knocks on my door at 11 am yesterday. So we got pizza, and saw The Vow. Which BTW is a reallllly good movie.  It was filmed in Chicago and Lake Forest (or at least takes place there); which is really cool.  So my Sunday was absolutely amazing.

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