Monday, February 6, 2012

Ketchup Time.

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post. I know some people were really wanting me to update my blog... so here I go. I'm thinking of doing something different, or something constant. (so see below)

- My mood: Stress, but hopeful.
- Fave part of my day: Sitting in Cassandra and Kaity's room talking about camels and dancing wildly.
- Strangest part of my day: Going on an on-campus field trip to the chapel to observe the stain glass windows, and finding out that we have to write a 2-3 single space paper by Monday.
-Current Song playing: Good Day by The Click Five

I have been beyond stressed about finding out whether or not I was receiving the internship I applied to. I didn't get it if you haven't heard. Yes, I am bummed, but now I get to work all summer back home and make money! I have learned to except that everything happens for a reason, and we get disapointment and things to go our way all the time. It's not easy to get over, but it's just not in God's plan for me (which I should have figured out instead of crying).

Homework is the biggest part of my life besides friends right now. It seems like I'm drowning in papers, quizzes, exams, and philosophy class, and were only two full weeks into the semester! I hope I can get my head in gear, and stop procrastinating like always. Like how I am avoiding my 5 page paper by writing this blog!

I think I am going to do the 30 blog photo challenge. Lori did it, and Emily told me to do it so I am going to "attempt". No promises if I forget a day or something.

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