Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currently, vol. 19

Well here we are again at the beginning of another week. Not much was different this week besides the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup. I worked like normal except for the weekend. Yesterday I worked a 13 hour shift, and today I worked a 12 hour shift. Am I tired? Absolutely. Was it worth the money? Let's see... Yes. Am I thankful for a comfy bed and warm shower? Heck yes! I am linking up with Lauren. So here is what's going on currently...

My chooch.
Bold rainbow in both WI and IL Friday. 
Gas in WI: 3.29
Gas in IL: 3.79
Driving 20 minutes into WI for gas: Priceless
reading Nowhere but Home. It is a great book, but I read another book this week called Until Tomorrow.
writing blogposts. I am trying to come up with a weekly post about my job at Panera. I think I could right a blog just on that place alone. People are crazy.
thinking that I deserve to sleep in a little tomorrow. I have to make an important phone call tomorrow to Starbucks. They want to interview me and this guy Dan that I work with at Panera ironically.
smelling my shampoo! (Best. Shower. Ever)
wishing for my back to start feeling back to normal. I injured my back on Monday, but that isn't anything new.
hoping to have the opportunity to work at Starbucks. I have wanted to work there ever since I started at Panera. I would kill to make drinks all day.
wearing an old t-shirt and comfy shorts.
loving the weather. It is about 70 degrees right now. I think that 75 is just perfect. I love heat, but hate the humidity here in the Midwest!
wanting to catch up on all my emails, messages on fb, and read the blogs I missed this weekend while working! Also, I am wanting to see MU and DM2 (Monster's University and Despicable Me 2). I am a child at heart!
needing to hop over to youtube, and listen to the fall out boy song stuck in my head.
feeling exhausted from work. (like always)
clicking the new tab button so I can check my emails.

Have a great week everyone! If you could say a little prayer for me tomorrow about Starbucks that would be fantastic!

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