Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Happy Sunday! It has been a hot week! It finally is cool enough to open the windows and let in fresh air! My friends and I went to Cracker Barrel and the beach on Friday. Man it was a scorcher. Yesterday, I worked 13 hours, but 4 of the hours were spent outside running Panera's lemonade stand. We sold lemonade for $1  to help Make-A-Wish foundation. We raised $222.52 for Sophie who is a 7 year old with refractory epilepsy. She even stopped by our store to see us! It was a blast. I got a sunburn, but we were in the shade of a building. The sun reflect off the car's is actually what burnt me. I have the best luck!

We played giant checkers to pass the time!
reading Julie and Julia because I loved the movie so much!
writing in my journal some time this week. I really love letting all my thoughts come out on paper, and boy do I have plenty to say. 
thinking ahead to purchasing textbooks, scrubs, stethoscope, etc. Good bye savings (and all the money I am currently earning). 
smelling my shampoo. I took a shower after work just a few minutes ago. I overslept by an hour, and my boss actually called me (which turned out to be my alarm). I was 30 minutes late to work. Oops. I know that won't happen again. 
wishing the best of luck to my coworker Dan who got the job at Starbucks that I wanted. Half of me doesn't believe him. 
wearing tank top and shorts. It's hot!
loving having a little bit of free time. I need to buy new work pants. So maybe I'll go to the mall. 
wanting to take a power nap. I closed last night and opened the store this morning. (same as last week.)
needing to catch up with some of my college girls. We are all so busy! 
feeling overwhelmed and I have no clue why. 
clicking the publish button!

Have a great week! It's the last full week of July!

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